Best Luxury Properties is an award-winning Real Estate Agency founded in 2018 by the Belgian Guy Penders who has over more than 12 years of experience in connecting discerning local and international people with Dubai's exclusive real estate.
Looking for unrivaled expertise, reliable professionalism, plus a comprehensive and personal service for all your property negotiations? Our passionate Property Advisors will ensure you're in the best hands.

The inspiration of confidence we gain from both Buyer and Seller is an essential ingredient for any successful property brokerage.





  • To create and maintain an environment in which the clients feel a personal commitment to the company

  • To maintain professionalism with excellence in all property negotiations

  • To assist clients from start-up to successful completion of transactions

  • To provide reliable information to prospective and existing clients by setting all in standard procedures and arrange the tasks systematically

  • To get the smallest details right as these are the things that are often the most important element in client’s perspective


  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standard of integrity by having strong moral principles.

  • Organize: Setting all in standard procedure and arrange the tasks systematically.

  • Trust: Providing reliable information to prospective and existing clients.

  • Competency and Professionalism: Capable to perform tasks efficiently with expertness.

  • Commitment to Clients: Building a good relationship with the clients to assist from inquiry to the time of completing the transaction.

  • Teamwork: We work together with effectiveness and efficiency to meet the clients’ needs and aim for our company to reach the target.

  • Accountability: Being able to take responsibility and stand firm

  • Effective Communication: Ability to listen and comply with the workmate and clients.

Guy penders

Guy Penders
Founder & CEO Best Luxury Properties