International Properties

We offer exclusive projects and investments worldwide. Our market extends over Dubai, London, The Seychelles, Ibiza, Marbella, Sri Lanka, Majorca, Switzerland and many more places. At Best Luxury Properties we also have specialists who focus exclusively on the sale of castles, hotels and commercial developments.

International Brand Ambassadors 

Best Luxury Properties has over 20 top inhouse experts and works with international and multi-lingual Elite Brand Ambassadors based across the world (Europe, Middle East, United States...).

We offer our services (both in our headquarters in Dubai and worldwide) in a range of native languages ​​including English, Dutch, French, German (including Swiss German), Spanish, Polish, Danish, Serbian, Russian, Uzbek, Farcy and Tagalog.


At Best Luxury Properties we provide our agents and clients with the most modern technologies in marketing. Next to our website we have extensive presence on social media as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. On a weekly basis we run successful Social Media Campaigns targeting a wide range of people interested in our services.


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